Thursday, December 25, 2008


I am going home today for a month (actually a month and 5 days)! yayy!! I never thought I would be able to stay away from home for such a long time considering how i used to pack my bags and run back to Bangalore every weekend when I was in Mysore Infy (of course, that was affordable :P). Its been a year and a half since I've gone home, met my parents, slept on my bed, had my mom's food, pampered by grandparents, shopped on commercial street with my sis... ah... and the list goes on... :)
Bye bye CP for a month. I am sure il miss CP, its my second home now. Thanks to all my lovely friends here. Love ya all and c ya all in a month!!! :)

Happy New Year!! :)

... and i'll get back to my last minute packing :P

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Zoek said...

Awwww....we'll miss u too....and u'r hit list ;)...