Sunday, September 21, 2008

This one's for u Sarah...

The whole world turns right
She turns left
This girl believe me
Is a cut above the rest

With almost 50 poems in her kitty
And a dream to publish her own book
This sleeping beauty
Is also an amazing cook

'Pal tea' freak and blogging freak
Now an intern at National Geographic
Guys... dont b left wondering
if u see her next on Discovery Travel & Living!

Passionate about life
Always vibrant and kickin'
Not many know
Her weakness is orange chicken :)


shubhra said...
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shubhra said...

gr8 1....flashes of creativity....mayb its the trick of dessert!! :P

Srilakshmi said...

yeah.. i guess.. shud thank u for that :)

Zoek said...

sweet!!! :) orange chicken "yum" ... u guys had dessert w/o me... baaaaaaadddd :(

Srilakshmi said...

u were sleeping as usual.. miss sleeping beauty :P

Zoek said...

still.... grrrr... i cld hav had in the morn :(.. tx 4 de poem :) kiddo..

Ashwin said...

we have a little mutual admiration society going here... very cool. :)