Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 year and counting...

I had scribbled this on the day I finished 1 year in the US. Posting it here now.

Aug 10th 2008 - Its been a year in the US and I feel I have grown so much more responsible and mature than I was when I just landed here. Life here has taught me so much – good and bad, I have experienced so much – sweet and bitter.. I don’t think I could have spent a year of my life in a better way..
Now when I retrospect, 1 year just flashes in front of my eyes.. those initial days of struggle and job hunting.. first salary, my lappie, grocery shopping almost every week, cooking disasters, early morning mad rush to catch the shuttle, night outs – sometimes to have intellectual talks and sometimes just random talks.. and ya sometimes to study as well :), those memorable getaways with friends, shopping and splurging away to glory, missing home.. moments of depression and loneliness, living through the day on bagels and cream cheese, gtalking and catching up with long lost friends, googling almost everything possible on earth, watching movies online, roomie talks, managing home n work or rather trying to manage and fail miserably and then end up thinking… how do our moms manage it so brilliantly… everyday I used to have my lunchbox ready at 7 am.. EVERYDAY.. without fail.. it still seems magical to me!!, attending evening classes, walking those lonely and lively roads in all the 4 seasons – admiring the fall colors, enjoying the snow fall, wearing colorful outfits in spring and living it up in summer….

It all seems like a beautiful journey to me!! :)

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