Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The race is not over yet

The race is not over yet
As I haven’t won!
Are there others running too?
Or am I the only one?

Nevertheless I am running
Running against time
Trying hard to hold on to it
Though I know it is sublime

At times I feel
This race is not fair..
There are no pit stops
Or another player to pass on the flare

Still I am running
Running against my past
Trying hard to leave it behind,
And move ahead.. fast!

Will I ever win?
Why should I even run?
Why can’t I just sit back?
And have some fun?

But I just realized…

This race I am running is life
And life is fun!
I have to fight my way
Through to numero one!


Kaustubh said...

nice one!! so u to a budding poet!!
a race is fun if u r in it to enjoy n not just win..;)

Srilakshmi said...

hey thanks.. :)
nice thought.. having fun along the way is also a type of winning.. isnt it? :)

Zoek said...

woh missy... Srill kya profound thoughts.. :)